1. Question: Why am I having trouble viewing the film I just rented?
    Answer: If you are using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to view the film, sometimes the video player does not work well with it. Try watching the film with either Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, or Mac’s Safari browsers. If you are still experiencing problems viewing the film, contact us at and we will try to find a solution to the problem.
  2. Question: What file format should I use to upload my film to the database?
    Answer: From our experience the .MP4 file format works well for online streaming environments.
  3. Question: How long does my film stay in the database after I have paid the fee?
    Answer: 5 years from the day that you pay the fee.
  4. Question: After 5 years, can I keep my film in the database?
    Answer: Yes, you can renew your film for another 5 years as many times as you wish. Each time you renew, you will be required to pay the then current fee to keep your film in the database.
  5. Question: Is this an exclusive contract for the distribution of my film?
    Answer: No, this is a non-exclusive contract. You are free to continue shopping your film on other distribution venues as you wish.
  6. Question: Does Indie Film Database do any advertising of my film?
    Answer: No. As a general rule, Indie Film Database will continually advertise the website, and not any film in particular. However, at the sole discretion of Indie Film Database, we may elect to do some advertising of a particular film that is in the database, but this in no way should be expected nor is it guaranteed to any film. As a producer, you should expect to continually advertise your film and drive traffic to the venues where your film is offered to viewers that you approve of.
  7. Question: What does it mean by producers get paid “60% net of the proceeds from VOD sales?”
    Answer: Producers will receive 60% of the revenue from the VOD sales of their film after the costs to receive the revenue is paid. At this time, the only cost we have to receive the VOD revenue, is the Paypal fees of $0.30 per transaction and 3% of the total payments. After these fees are deducted from each transaction, the remainder will be split 60% to the producer and 40% to Indie Film Database.
  8. Question: What steps has Indie Film Database taken to protect my film from piracy?
    Answer: The hosting company we have chosen to host and stream the film files, pride themselves in having the best encryption available. They claim, “No downloader, plugin or hack can download or share the videos streamed through us. Hollywood certified DRM to stop piracy.”
    For more information on their encryption technology go to: VDOCipher Encrypted Video Streaming.